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New Builds.

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Milestone Builders - New Builds

New Build.
3-5 beds.

Average price range: £400k-£600k+

Build Your Own Home With Milestone

Build Your Own Home With Milestone. 


Designing and building a home is everybody’s dream. With the right guidance and expertise, you can turn that dream into a reality. We aim for our clients to have complete trust in our team, and our team to have a full understanding of our clients’ expectations and desires for their new dream home plans. 

Using our unique Milestone Method, our team of Project Management experts will work with our clients on every step of the new build process. From initial ideas, right through to furnishing dream living spaces, we are your personal guides to imagining and creating your luxury self build project.

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1. Meet


No matter what stage you are at in your new build journey the first step is to book a consultation with a project manager to discuss your requirements. The earlier the better so we you can benefit from our whole team of experts from planning consultants, architects, master planners to the guys on the ground we have someone who can answers all your questions and queries. 

Meetup with interior designer

2. Plan


If you have already obtained planning permission, that’s great news scroll down to step three. If not, our Milestone Team will guide you through the new build process. This includes helpful tips and considerations for planning permissions and informing local residents. New technology, smart building solutions and materials, traditional designs, and the importance of light and the view from neighbours to local wildlife. With an abundance of local and national knowledge, the Milestone Team will aim to do everything they can to ensure your perfect home is planned, designed, and built the way you want it. 


3. Details.


Once planning has been obtained, we will evaluate the detail of the new build and create building regulation drawings, so we know what your new home is going to be built from, the method of construction, and the details from thermal values to the type of flooring and furniture. The more in-depth details we can collate at this stage the better equipped we will be to advise and help make the decisions that will turn your plans into a dream home, tailored to your imagination and budget.

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4. Pricing.


As project managers a crucial part of pricing a new build is creating a cost report and budget analysis. If our team are involved at the very start of the project, we would have had the budget discussion and all planning up to now will have that in mind. All designs and plans we create for you will be within your budget, we would never produce designs and plans that is not closely fitted to a clients’ price plan. Throughout the whole process we are value engineering so you can make the important decisions in advance. You may have priorities for your budget, underfloor heating, landscaped garden, luxury kitchen, or infrared panels. If you decide to not have any budget restrictions, our team will aim to work with you to get the most out of your space and vision. The beauty of a new build when coupled with the Milestone Method is that we have economies of scale when dealing with our subcontractors, so we can achieve even better rates and discounts than on smaller projects, enabling you to get even more value for money.

Wooden Windows

5. Building.


The contractors and materials we use are of the highest quality, most have worked with us for years and anyone new is vetted and checked by our Project Managers personally. All work is under contract and programmed into our schedules, contractors work is checked daily by your site foreman and signed off before payment. We appreciate not everything will go plan but we aim to foresee and manage any necessary changes with smart building solutions. What is most important to us is the quality of the project at completion. We do not compromise on quality in the aim to save money or time along the way, but we will keep you informed with excellent communication and weekly reports of progress and site meetings. We take health and safety on site very seriously and all CDM regulations and H&S standards will always be adhered to. Milestone do not cut corners when it comes to safety as this level of professionalism is not only law but flows down into everything else we do, and the calibre of contractors we employ.

Luxury Home



A Milestone home is one that will stand the test of time. Our efforts will always be in creating a flawless design, stunning architecture, and aesthetics. Our Project Managers will make sure our clients are at the heart of the home, as the dream becomes a reality.

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