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FAQs for Milestone Builders, UK's High-End and Bespoke House Builders

  • How much will an extension cost?
    On average, a single kitchen/living extension can range from £50,000 - £80,000. A double extension can range from £100,000 - £150,000.
  • Do Milestone Builders only cover South Yorkshire?
    Milestone Builders cover projects across the UK. If you would like to book a home consultation give us a call on 0114 489 4425, or go to the contact us section.
  • Do I need Architectural Drawings?
    If you are applying for planning permissions for an extension, loft conversion or large renovations, you will need professional architectural drawings.
  • Do I need planning permission?
    You will most likely need planning permission if you want to build something new, make a major change to your building, such as building an extension or change the use of your building. With Milestone Builders, we can apply for you.
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